‘We always look for that spark, that glint in their eyes, the excitement about our project before we work with anyone for Prismologie. The entire team at BRANDstand Communications is extremely enthusiastic and full of exciting new ideas about how our brand can fit into different topics of discussion. Being a new brand with a brand new perspectives its challenges, it can be difficult to explain to the conventional press, but the team at BRANDstand Communications always find the perfect opportunity to highlight an aspect of our products to make it relevant to the conversation. Besides the fact that they are all lovely people generally, they are always timely and professional which makes working with them an absolute pleasure!
— Fatima Al-Sabah, Co-Founder, Prismologie.


BRANDstand Communications have been integral in the development of Oilixia, with a truly 360 degree service. From pinpointing the brand DNA and how to effectively carry this through packaging and communication; to finding packaging manufacturers that can work to small minimums (saving a lot of money for a small start-up!); to introductions to retail buyers to get the brand in front of the right customers; and an integrated PR campaign for launch, BRANDstand Communications have given Oilixia an unparalleled boost. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them and I cannot recommend their services and expertise highly enough.
— Alexandra Jansons, Founder, Oilixia Skincare.