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Pretty Analytics

Powered by data, produced in style


Pretty Analytics is a new data platform for the beauty industry that gives boring old numbers a stylish makeover. Instead of leaving you to delve into raw data and pages of spreadsheets, Pretty Analytics presents current and future trend concepts through storytelling, reports, visualised data and trend maps.

Bespoke, in-house software powers the content of Pretty Analytics' reports, using a unique algorithm designed to analyse beauty trend information.

Collating qualitative data across a variety of platforms, from digital evergreen content to social media, Pretty Analytics processes natural language into valuable numbers and statistics. This allows monitoring and reporting on emerging trends, as well as studying changes in consumer focus, social media and the effects of other industries on the beauty sector.



Beauty Look Ahead

Pretty Analytics launch trend report will help to inspire, grow and shape brands, PR and beauty stories into 2020. This 34-page dossier explores megatrends, cross-industry observations and key focus points to fuel the next five years of beauty innovation and ideas.

Founded by beauty blogger Sarirah Hamid, Pretty Analytics began as an unnamed project while she was studying for her Masters in Computer Science at UCL, and fused her two passions: technology and beauty.  With experience in beauty buying, she understands exactly how crucial the analysis of trends and data can impact a business.
“I've always loved finding connections within data, the stories it could tell and the white space it highlights. Blog and video content were growing at an exponential rate and I saw an opportunity to tap into a data source that wasn't fully utilised. I wanted to create software to automate the data collection process so more time could be spent exploring trends, concepts and innovation.” – Sarirah Hamid.

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