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Have you spotted a lot of Vegan beauty brands hitting the mainstream lately? Up until recently it seemed like a niche bubble. But after some investigation it turned out BeautyMART were buying them more and more and so are consumers.

All three of their new season launches this autumn just happen to be 100% vegan... and just in time for World Vegan Month (November for your calendars)!

Jillian Dempsey's conscious decision to formulate vegan for her make-up brand has resulted in a collection of Lid Tints, satin eyeshadows with opaque, gloss or iridescent finishes in a range of 8 shades, made with 10 organic ingredients, including Cocoa Seed Butter, Rosemary and Sage.


Jillian Dempsey

Lid Tints



BeautyMART's Winky Lux edit features vegan-friendly lip balms and lipsticks formulated without carmine, beeswax or lanolin. Look out for the vegan symbol on Matte Lip Velours, velvet finish lipsticks; and Flower Balms, pH responsive lip stains that change colour on application to a unique pink depending on your skin's acidity. And each Flower Balm comes with a mini Chrysanthemum embedded in the clear bullet. 





BYBI is the lastest from Elsie and Dominika, the duo behind Clean Beauty Co, who turned their homemade beauty recipes into a blog and now a product range (BYBI means By Beauty Insiders).
We're fans of Mega Mist toning spray; Detox Dust, a cleansing powder that you can add to oil or water to make your own extraction mask; andSupercharge Serum, a skin-boosting power surge.
(Image source: @bybibeauty)


BYBI beauty 

All brands mentioned are available at BeautyMART

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