Just Landed - It's Skin


Korea’s first cosmeceutical brand has finally made its way to our shores and the top-selling skincare at ASOS Face+Body!

Developed by dermatologists from Seoul University, with the award-winning mix of impeccable R&D and high-quality results for healthy and beautiful skin. The new Power 10 Formula Super Serums  combine the latest and most effective clinical breakthroughs with the highest quality skin-loving ingredients to offer the ultimate in skin solutions.

Simply pick any of these highly concentrated super serums depending on your skin’s needs that day. It can even be mixed with other skincare or make-up!






Perfect for dehydrated skin, GF Effector’s main ingredient Grifola Frondosa, a polysaccharide, deeply moisturizes and plumps skin.







VE Effector is enriched with stabilized vitamin E to provide essential nutrients and defend against environmental aggressors for natural glow.








VB Effector increases hydration and controls oil production with for a clearer and balanced complexion.






Fermented Yeast, the central ingredient in the YE Effector boots dry, tired complexions, giving vitality and energy to the skin.







Coenzyme Q10 in the Q10 Effectorboosts collagen and elastin production in maturing skin for firmer and tighter effect.








WR Effector contains adenosine and caviar extract to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.




It’s Skin Power 10 Formula (£12) are available from the recently revampedASOS Face + Body
For all press enquiries please contact info@brandstandcomms.com or call 0800 028 1118.

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