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NEW LAUNCHES - AW18 by Millie Kendall

New Launches for Autumn/Winter 2018 - by Guest Contributor

For the past week I’ve been working with BRANDstand Communications as an intern, learning what the company does and how this industry operates. It’s been a great experience finding out about each company that they work with. And so, to finish my week here, I’ve written a trend report about all of the new launches that BRANDstand are working with in the next few months.

I’m excited for what’s happening in the next couple of months, and I hope this makes you excited too!

ho karan.png

With ‘protection’ as one of Vogue’s hottest fashion trends for this upcoming season, why not bring that into your skincare routine as well, with Ho Karan’s range of natural and vegan skincare containing Cannabis Sativa, such as their Invisible Moisturising Shield? Ho Karan’s Cannabis Sativa’s exceptional hydrating, fortifying and detoxifying properties make it an essential ally against dry skin and everyday causes of damage, such as pollution or razor burn. Naturally bursting with antioxidants, it also helps to slow down the skin’s natural ageing process. What more protection could you ask for? Available at BeautyMART this September.


Often people forget that skincare not only means caring for the skin on your face, but also all over your body. Japanese inspired skincare company Skimono did not forget this, and have created a premium bio-cellulose sheet mask for your hands, laced with potent, enriched serums. With colder weather approaching, their Intense Nourishment+ Hand mask infused with revitalising shea butter, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid is the best way to eradicate dryness, restore softness and refine skin texture. Available at Mortar+Milk and along with all of their face sheet masks and their new after sun sheet mask.

If you were to take a look at backstage at some of the AW18 fashion weeks, you'd notice that glitter masks have been a massive hit. Now, as much as I would like to walk down the street covered in glitter when my skin is misbehaving and all I want to do is cover it up, I don’t think my neighbours would appreciate that. Fortunately, there is a different type of mask you can use on those bad skin days, It’s Skin Power 10 sheet masks! Available in 10 different variations of skin types and concerns, you can colour code your skincare routine, and tailor it to your needs depending on the day. These incredible Korean sheet masks are available at BeautyMART, ASOS, and Feel Unique. Completing the range from mid-September will be the Power 10 sleeping capsules (also available at BeautyMART and Feel Unique).

Another trend we saw during fashion month was the revival of ‘draping’! Two years ago Marc Jacobs developed a new blush that inspired the draping trend, and now it’s back, this time in the form of the ‘blushshadow’ trend, where blusher and eyeshadow of the same colour merge into one. Looking backstage at the AW18 fashion shows, ‘blushshadow’ is everywhere!
However, if you’re too nervous to use this runway trend, instead you can make your morning routine just a little bit easier by using the same blusher on your cheeks and on your eyelids, and create a similar effect! This opens up your eyes and brings some colour back to your face, especially with autumn on its way. Jillian Dempsey, top makeup artist, has come out with versatile, creamy, vegan blushes that can be used on the cheeks, lids and lips for a simpler morning routine. Available exclusively at BeautyMART.

Finally, we have Prostyles Hair Extensions who have been the professional’s choice for hair extensions since 1980’s, and are now available for use at home! Created to encourage and enable creativity, breaking the mould in this sector, you can now experiment from the comfort of your own home.
New, easy to use, clip-in extensions - same game-changing high quality, synthetic fibre hair. With no drooping or frizzing in rain or humidity with synthetic, compared to human hair extensions, these Prostyles extensions are the best option for autumn! They are available in 10 different 18 inch natural shades, and in 2 different styles: volume wave and bouncy curl, so there’s something for everyone.
TREND ALERT! Texture Trove! Crimped, backcombed or curled – it doesn’t matter how you choose to play it, as long as the length is long and definitely not without effort. Get the look with Prostyles premium clip-in or salon-fitted extensions. RRP £59.95 for box of 12 clip-in extensions, enough to do a full head. Launching in select Topshop stores and website soon.

Written by: Jessica Pearson

New IN: Refining Facial Polish From Su-Man Hsu by Millie Kendall

Refining Facial Polish
A fruit cocktail with an Eastern twist



 Renew and reinvigorate lacklustre skin with Refining Facial Polish. This potent fruit cocktail of watermelon, papaya and pomegranate extracts work their magic to gently smooth away dull, dry skin for a refreshed and brighter complexion. 
Watermelon reminds me of my childhood. I would rub the rinds on my face to exfoliate and tone my skin. My Refining Facial Polish was created from this memory. The end result is skin that looks and feels reborn.”


Watermelon Extract

Rich in vitamins A, C and potassium

High in malic acid for gentle skin exfoliation

Refreshes and hydrates the skin

Controls oil production.


Papaya Extract

Rich in vitamins A, C, E and K

Natural AHAs aid exfoliation for brighter skin

Soothes sensitive skin
Infuses skin with moisture.


Pomegranate Extract

Powerful antioxidants protect from free radicals

Soothes inflammation

Polyphenols aid skin cell regeneration

Minimises appearance of hyperpigmentation.


Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract

Naturally antibacterial

Protects skin from effects of sun damage

Naturally cleanses oil and impurities

Enhances fibroblasts for collagen production.



Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Protects skin from environmental aggressors

Promotes skin regeneration

Minimises the appearance of blemishes and scars.

Su-Man Hsu

“In my career as a facialist, I have touched over 10,000 faces combining Eastern and Western principles with ingredients from across the globe. I have included all my knowledge in a range of products so that you can enjoy and experience my expert touch."

Created by award-winning celebrity facialist Su-Man Hsu, Su-Man Skincare draws inspiration from her roots in rural Taiwan and her instinctive passion for mixing natural ingredients into homemade recipes. Each inventively crafted product marries Easten skincare wisdom with cutting edge cosmetic science to strike the ideal balance between prevention and correction for the ultimate in skin radiance and health.

Su-Man Refining Facial Polish launches today exclusively at for a limited time, before also becoming available on the 6th August at

#WednesdayWisdom - New Season Skincare by Millie Kendall

New Season. New Skincare.

As the weather begins to cool we're searching out brocade, biker boots and dark floral prints to see us into the new season. But it's not just clothes that get refreshed for A/W17 - out go the lightweight lotions and cooling mists to make way for richer balms and oils to keep skin hydrated and glowing into the next season. 

If you're looking to switch up your skincare wardrobe, BRANDstand Comms has a wealth of new finds to get you ready for the autumnal shift.


Smart Science

skinSense's new and revolutionary patented lamellar technology forms an invisible 'suit of armour' around active ingredients, to support their penetration and action in the skin. This micro-encapsulation helps actives to remain within the layers of the epidermis for up to 10 hours. skinSense is the latest launch from UltraSun's skincare expert Abi Cleeve. Abi advises if you try one product from the new range it's the Overnight Leave On Mask for noticeable skin hydration in just one sleep. 

Unique Formulations



Mai Couture Skincare Papers punch above the weight of straight up blotting papers as they contain additional skincare ingredients to boost the benefits. 

With Rosehip Oil, vitamins C & E and Bamboo Charcoal to choose from, each paper sheet is impregnated with specific treatment ingredients to infuse skin while absorbing excess oil for a balanced and soft complexion.


Pick & Mix

It's no secret that Korea is famed for it's incredible R&D (generally 7 years ahead of their European counterparts in terms of formulation development). The country's first ever cosmeceutical brand, It's Skin,has finally landed on our shores with the hero range of six Power 10 Formulas.
Each vial of these super serums come bottled with the highest quality, skin-loving ingredients that work to treat all skincare woes - from dehydration, oiliness and dullness to firmness. Use solo, on problem areas or mixed with each other or your regular skincare products. No wonder they're an ASOS best-seller!


Ingenious Ingredients



For skin as smooth as a pearl,  Stellar Décolletage's Luminous Perfector Treatment Polish, contains Lime Pearl™,a natural source of AHA, extracted from the precious native Australian caviar lime. This zesty inclusion refines skin through a gentle enzymatic action for smoother, brighter and more even toned skin. 



If you're yearning for a little skin refreshment, Watermelon in Su-Man Hsu's rich fruit cocktail packs a skincare punch when it comes to winter skincare. Inspired by her cultural roots in rural Taiwan, watermelon has been a staple in celebrity facialist's Su-Man's skincare routine for years: "I would rub the rinds on my face as a child to exfoliate and tone my skin. My new Refining Facial Polishwas created from this memory."

For more skincare know-how, images and samples please email

Metalmorphosis by Millie Kendall


NEW Golden Glow Sheet Mask

Talk about a glow-up - combining 23 carat gold powder and hydrating hyaluronic acidaloe and green tea extracts, the new Golden Glow Mask from Transformulas brightens even the dullest skin.

Apply the mask and leave for 15 minutes before peeling off, leaving a gold leaf effect on the skin. Work the excess product into the skin to get the blood flowing, helping it to absorb the supercharged ingredients, then flannel off.

Skin is left with an otherworldly glow - hydrated, calmed and plumped.  The perfect mask for pre-party prep or when the grey winter weather takes its toll.

Transformulas is a range of face and bodycare products created by Rosi Chapman.  Her phobia of needles led her to create Transformulas as an alternative to non-invasive cosmetic procedures and surgery.  The ultimate skinvestment brand.

Transformulas Golden Glow Sheet Mask - £15
Available at
from late October 2017